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If you talk to any good Bletchley web design firm about your plans for a new website, one of the things they’ll almost certainly ask you about is whether you’ve thought about search engine optimisation (also called SEO). SEO might sound like a very technical term, but to put it simply, it’s about doing certain work to ensure your website is visible to search engines like Google, and that it appears as high up as possible in people’s search results.

Any good Bletchley design company will be able to explain SEO to you in more detail and will tell you about the work they could do to help your website do well in the Google rankings. It involves a number of different tasks, including things like:

  • keeping the website up to date and current, rather than a static set of pages which is never updated
  • ensuring all the content on the website is well written and engaging, so people want to read it
  • doing work ‘behind the scenes’ on the technical architecture of your website to make it visible and accessible
  • creating content that’s specifically designed to improve your SEO, including choosing and using the right keywords
  • checking your website’s analytics to find out which parts work most successfully and using this intelligence to develop other parts of your website.

It’s always worth investing in SEO, if you want to make sure your website puts you ahead of the competition. Speak to your Bletchley web design firm to find out more and see the benefits it could bring.

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