Keep in touch with your customers and build loyalty

Newsletters can be a great way of building long-term customer relationships. But, as with most things, there are both right and wrong ways of doing it. It’s important not to abuse the relationship you are building.

Your customers don’t want to:

  • Be bombarded with information that doesn’t interest them
  • Be constantly given the ‘hard sell’
  • Get frequent emails that don’t interest them
  • Get interesting emails without clear calls to action or next steps

Your customers do want to:

  • Be engaged by information and insight that’s relevant and interesting to them
  • Hear about special offers that are too good to miss
  • Know where they can find out more about some information or offer that has tempted them

Is a newsletter right for your business?

It’s important to be clear about why you want a newsletter and what value it should add to your business. There are some risks and drawbacks involved, so it’s vital to consider these carefully and be sure it’s an approach that will work for you.

Here are some of the things to think about when considering whether you should start (or continue) a newsletter:

Benefits of newsletters

  • It’s a quick and relatively cheap form of marketing
  • You can quickly and easily reach a large audience
  • A well-put together newsletter can build customer loyalty
  • It has the potential for quick results, especially if you include clear calls to action and links to next steps

Drawbacks of newsletters

  • They can involve a lot of work to produce on a regular basis
  • A newsletter has to be high-quality, interesting and readable, otherwise it could actively put potential customers off
  • Some people’s email settings may classify a newsletter as spam and send the email straight to their ‘junk’ folder – Unfortunately there is little you can do about this

At Greaves Design, we can talk you through the best ways of producing newsletters.

They aren’t right for every type of business. We can advise if we feel it is right to invest time and money into something and how to go about it.

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