Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name?
A domain name is simply the address of your website, e.g. We can purchase this for you: it’s included in the cost of a new website. But we always register it to your name, so you’ll be the owner. You can’t actually permanently buy a domain name – they have to be rented. So they have to be renewed every year. Again, we’ll do this for you.
How should I choose a domain name for my new website?
It really depends what your site is for. If you simply want a presence on the web so that anyone who has your site address can go to it and find out more about you, then your name or the name of your company will be fine. We can check different variations to see what’s available. For example if, is not available, we might try my-brilliantcompany or my-brilliant-company, etc.Do bear in mind how easy it will be to tell people your website address though – lots of hyphens can be a bit of a mouthful!But if you want people to be able to find you using search engines such as Google, you could consider having a second website with a different domain name that incorporates key words. For example, if you’re a plumber based in ‘Old Town’ and you want people to find you when they’re searching for one in your area, you might go for Your name or company name in itself won’t help potential new customers find you, as they won’t be searching for ‘joe bloggs plumber’, unless of course they already know you.
I already have a domain name: can you use it to build me a new website?
Of course! We can send you the settings to initiate with your domain name company, or if you’re happy to trust us with it, we can do it all for you instead to save you the hassle.
What is hosting, why do I need it and how much does it cost?
The best way to explain it is that it’s the place in cyberspace where your website ‘sits’. The host stores all the different elements of your website and makes them available to anyone who connects to the Internet through a computer or hand-held device (mobile phone, ipad etc). It also makes sure your site is secure, available, live and fully functioning at all times. Since we manage this for you, we do our best to make sure any problems are resolved as quickly as possible so your site has as little ‘downtime’ as possible.Web hosting allows everyone to see your site. Another way of explaining it is that your website is like a house that’s built in a factory but then needs some land to be put on. The web host is like that land.Hosting also allows you to have email addresses associated with your domain name. We offer a range of hosting ranges from normally £89 per year for a entry top quality, This price includes domain name costs as well. When we create a new website for you, the hosting and domain name costs are included for FREE for the first 12 months.If you choose to have more than one website hosted by us, the rate per site will be cheaper. Contact us for details.The hosting is unlimited in space, transfer, emails, etc for the set cost. All websites need hosting and the hosting is on highly secured servers available 24 hours a day.
What if we have hosting in place already?
If you already have an arrangement with another hosting company when you come to us with an existing domain name and / or website, we will aim to match it in price. If you do decide to stay with your existing host, you are of course free to do so, but we can’t guarantee the security or maintenance of your site and will be unable to offer you the same level of personal service throughout the year.
How long does it take to do a website and how does it work?
Normally, if it is a brand new brochure-style website, we aim to have a draft version ready for you to view in 10-14 days. Larger and more complicated sites tend to take a bit longer.From then on, the timescales really depend on you, and how many changes are required. We do of course aim to get it as close as possible to what you want first time round.Either way, we do try to do everything as fast as possible to get your new website live and on the internet as soon as possible. On our services page, you will see more information about the processes involved in building you a website.
What are the costs?
If you check out our Prices page, you will see some of the different options.We can also create bespoke websites: contact us for a chat and we’ll see what we can do for you.When we quote for a website, our prices include building the complete site including all the content (unless you tell us you will supply the text), sourcing images (if required) and submission to Google.
Can we have email addresses linked to our website?
With all websites we build you can have as many emails as you like. They are all unlimited and we offer a personal service if you have any problems. So for example you might have, enquiries@…, accounts@…, john@…, fred@…, mary@… etc.All email accounts can be used with Outlook or similar software, PC or Mac, with any mobile phone which supports emails, POP3 or IMAP.We also offer auto responders and email forwarding options as standard.All email accounts can also be accessed online from internet cafes or any computer with a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or similar.Some people prefer to have emails from their website redirected to their personal email such as BT Internet, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or others so they don’t have to check another email. This is fine and we can set this up for you from day 1 as part of the website build.
Can you get me to the top of Google?
This is a question so many people ask!No-one can ever guarantee anything where Google (or any other search engine) placing is concerned. No-one can tell Google what to do!However, there are certainly things we can to do to help. The technical name for this is SEO – ‘search engine optimisation.’We always make sure that the basic SEO is done on your website, which is keyword placements, title tags and meta tags. Then the rest is down to link building.There is a minefield of information regarding SEO, but the two areas that count are onsite and offsite. The onsite is the keyword placement, i.e. the keywords on the website. We are in control of that, and that is what we do. The rest is really down to offsite, i.e. links to your site. There is a vast amount of information regarding this, i.e. links from other websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc.Check out our services page for more information about SEO methods.
How does SEO (search engine optimisation) work?
SEO results all depend on the competitiveness of the keyword on the internet. Keywords such as “property”, “plumbing” and “building” are very competitive (you’re competing against the whole of the English-speaking world!) but keywords such as “building in Horsham” or “plumbing in Crawley” are much less so and easier to get to the top of search engines.We can discuss in much more detail if you wish on these and many other types of SEO you may wish to consider. The first point of call is to get a website live on Google with the basic SEO in place and see where you appear in the search results. Some people are pleasantly surprised to find themselves on page 1 right from the start, but this is not always the case.Please check out our services page for more information.
What support do you offer?
The one area we offer more than anything is personal service. You’ll always know who you’re dealing with: definitely no call centres here! We are available all year round whenever you need your website updated or have any other questions.
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