Mobile QR Codes

Mobile QR Codes

We’ve all seen them: those little alien-like black and white boxes that pop up on posters, products, magazines, business cards and leaflets. They’re called mobile QR codes (short for quick response codes) and are a fast-growing way to get people to your website with very little effort.

A QR code is a small square barcode. Anyone with a smartphone can simply scan or take a picture of the QR code and they’ll be automatically taken to a specific page on your website. So, for example, someone in a train station who sees a poster for an event they’re interested in can simply snap the QR code on the poster, and they’ll be taken straight to a web page where they can see more information and book tickets.

It’s easy for users, it saves time, and it’s a very effective way of getting your potential customers to act on your marketing and promotional efforts. Not convinced QR codes are right for you? Well, in the UK alone there are more than 11 million smartphone owners. This means every one of those people has a QR code reader in their pocket.

The benefits of using QR codes are numerous and include the following:

The QR code can have any web-based destination including web pages, videos, social media profiles, booking forms or contact details

QR codes can be used on a huge range of materials, including posters, flyers, booking forms, brochures, hand-outs, business cards, business stationery, magazine and newspaper advertisements, and much more

You don’t have to rely on your potential customers remembering your advert and coming back to it later – they can act straight away

You can use analytics and other data measurement to analyse the success of a QR code

It’s a very cost-efficient way to drive people to a specific page of your website

At Greaves Design, we can help you to make the most of the potential QR codes offer you and your business. Whether you want to run time-limited marketing campaigns or you simply want to offer a quick way for potential customers to find out more about you, we’ll put together a strategy and implement it.

We’ll also monitor the success of the QR code closely, and use what we learn to refine and develop your QR code strategy.

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