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Online Database

Databases can sound like dry and dusty things, but they can actually be the key to creating a dynamic and responsive website.

For example, imagine you want to have an online e-commerce shop on your website. You’ve got hundreds of products but you don’t have the time or the skills to continually update each product’s page whenever its stock levels, availability, price or description change. This is where an online database connected to your website could be perfect for you.

It means your online shop can simply grab information from the database and insert it onto a page every time that page is loaded. To update information about a product, simply change it in the database, and the page will change every time it’s loaded. You may even be able to connect your online database to your existing ordering systems so that it updates automatically whenever a product’s information changes.

There are many applications for online databases in websites, including the following:


Displaying the latest information about products in an online shop, including up-to-date descriptions, prices, latest stock levels and the newest images


Allowing customers to see or edit their account or profile information after logging in to a website


Displaying pictures in a dynamic and ever-changing gallery


Displaying the latest news stories


Enabling information sharing and communication between people using the ‘back end’ of a website.


Storing requests sent via a website’s contact form, so staff can see new enquiries and respond to them.

At Greaves Design, online databases are our speciality. Whether you need a simple one-table database with names and email addresses, or a full-scale database containing hundreds of tables that relate to each other, we have the expertise and experience to build your database and connect it to your website.

We’ll also ensure your database-driven website connects seamlessly with your other systems, such as ordering and invoicing, to ensure everything can happen automatically and with minimal fuss.

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