Hanberry Fitzwilliam

The Client

Hanberry Fitzwilliam is a reputed firm that specialises in corporate finance and tax advisory work. It provides high net worth individuals with the kinds of private client solutions that are normally only accessible to people of ultra-high net worth.

Our brief was to design and build a brand new website that conveyed an appropriate sense of gravitas for the niche audience that Hanberry Fitzwilliam wanted to target.

How we delivered

There were three key strands to the project: ensuring the visual design was on target, delivering content that matched the needs of clients, and effectively deploying media such as music.

For the visual elements of the website, we worked closely with the client to identify what would attract the well-defined and niche group of potential high-end clients that the firm wanted to target. From this, we set a tone of dark, rich colours which were set against stunning photography and subtle movement and music. These elements combined to exude quality, reassurance and warmth via a luxurious visual and audio style. The home page was animated with a log build in, to ensure users would be enticed into the rest of the website,

We also worked with the client to clarity what users would need to find on the website. Alongside the visual design, expert copywriters produced content that included the important identified keywords and calls to action. The client then adjusted the content to match their needs more closely.

While we felt certain that media such as music would enhance the website user experience, we were also keen to avoid the technical issues that music and animations can cause for some website visitors. To counteract this, we deployed Ajax across the website, ensuring that the user’s browser won’t have to refresh the website to load new pages. This allows the music to keep playing at all times. However, the user has complete control over this, and can choose to turn the music off at any time.

The Results

Hanberry Fitzwilliam’s new website is feature-rich and sets exactly the right tone for attracting high net worth clients.

Some of the key features of the new website include:


An animated home page


Custom animation


Integration of music and movement throughout the site


Mobile responsive


A user-friendly content management system that Hanberry Fitzwilliam staff can easily update themselves


Ajax deployed throughout the site.

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