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At Greaves Design, one of the core services we offer is website hosting. This can be an area that confuses many people, so here is some information about what’s involved and what your options are.

What is website hosting?

If your domain name is your address, then your website hosting is like the house in which your website lives. Your website needs to sit in server space which runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the servers are turned off, the website will stop working. That’s why you need to be sure that whatever hosting service you choose, it is going to be reliable.

At Greaves Design we use different systems for different websites – we’ll provide the right hosting for whatever your site requires and unlike many hosting companies, we don’t limit you to a certain amount of storage space.

For a small brochure-style website we use our full hosting package, which provides all of the following features

  • Excellent behind-the-scenes control panel, which you can access to control your website yourself at no extra cost
  • Free library of features such as images, applications and email management
  • Almost unlimited numbers of visitors per month
  • Technical help throughout the year from us, for example assistance to set up email accounts associated with your domain name

In the very unlikely event that your website reaches millions of visitors a month, we will need to move you to dedicated servers or VPS systems which are more expensive. But 99% of websites never reach this level, so it’s unlikely to become an issue.

Some websites are more suited for a bespoke hosting package, particularly if they require large amounts of memory to process certain features. For example:

  • An online shop with a large number of products
  • A photo management facility involving resizing and uploading large files
  • Extra security features, for example where large numbers of financial transactions take place
  • Websites that involve integrated back-end systems, for example account management

As part of our bespoke website hosting service, we also provide technical help throughout the year, for example related to the setting up of email accounts associated with the domain name.

If you prefer to use your own hosting we can also accommodate this. However, we’d ask you to be aware that this could mean delays in getting any problems sorted out. By hosting your website with Greaves Design, you can be sure we’re always on hand to step in, in the likely event of anything going wrong or needing immediate attention.

It also makes things much quicker and cheaper for us as we are not dealing with lots of different hosting companies, each with their own control panel.

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What Clients Say

“The price that was given was the price that was paid at the end, there was full input with both parties from start to finish great to know that at any time I could change or rewrite the website, Just a first class service all the way.”

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